Connect iPhone to the MetaHuman tutorial

In these tutorials, we’ll go through how to connect your iPhone X and Live Link Face iOS app, to drive the MetaHuman character’s face inside the MetaHuman sample project. A new era opens up for character animators, video game creators, and content creators, professional filmmakers, and hobbyists.

How to connect iPhone to the MetaHuman face live control?

A new era opens up for character animators, video game creators and content creators, directors, professional filmmakers, and hobbyists, with just a few steps you have the opportunity to have a facial animation of the actors and 3d characters of your scenes, never seen before, all without having a low-budget professional pipeline.

MetaHuman Creator, how to use the Live Link Face iOS App


The revolution of MetaHumans Unreal Engine is that it does not require any kind of complete professional pipeline, nor very high budgets, for example, it is enough to have an iPhone and Live Face App to have full control of the facial expressions of the MetaHuman characters and begin to create the acting of the characters.

MetaHuman live face tracking Beginner Tutorial and Live Link (Face and Head recognition)

Simple Beginner Unreal Tutorial for people who want to try the MetaHuman sample and live link plugin.

0:00​ Introduction
2:32​ Create Project
3:20​ Change settings for your computer
4:23​ Change Viewport where you look at
5:30​ Change to use the guy
7:20​ Live Link
8:56​ Live Link Face
9:58​ Live Link Head


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