C4D 2024.4 Particles Waterfall & Fluid Tutorial

Hi guys, today we’re talking about the new particle engine in the latest version of Cinema 4D 2024.4. In this tutorial, we’ll see how to create liquid simulations by building a 3D waterfall, complete with water control and setup.

3D Bonfire (Markus Gonser) is back with another amazing tutorial, and this time he’s showcasing the new particle system in Cinema 4D version 2024.4 with fluid simulation behavior.

This is a significant leap forward from the standard particle system. The new Cinema 4D particles allow users to create interactions with various types of simulations including Pyro, Cloth, Soft Bodies, and Rigid Bodies, seamlessly integrated into the Simulation System.

In the tutorial, we will see how to manage fluid control using the following setups:

  • Realistic Behavior: The particles separate and come together, resembling tendrils, thanks to cohesion and repulsion, making the system more akin to fluid motion.

  • Turbulence and Gravity: By adding turbulence and gravity, you achieve a dynamic movement that simulates the natural flow of a fluid.
  • Collisions and Flocking: Using the Collide and Flock modules, particles can interact with objects and form groups resembling tendrils, creating a more organic effect.

  • Parameter Variations: By adjusting cohesion, repulsion, and particle radius, you can achieve different effects, from the formation of small clusters to the creation of large fluid tendrils.

In addition to simulating a waterfall, these techniques can be applied to a wide range of scenarios, such as creating smoke, fog, or animated fluids.

We will see how XParticles, the plugin by Insydium, performs now, with the comparison to the new particle system integrated into C4D. Insydium will have to create and push their product even further; we’ll see what happens in the future.

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