The level reached of human characters in MetaHuman Creator and the facial expressions are truly impressive, which you can download for free the scene released on the Unreal Engine marketplace.

We tested the scene and were amazed by the quality of the models and facial movements of the two characters!

By applying a light source near the face we can see the detail of the 3d human model. The quality is in the details of these models, the texture of the skin, the pores, and the facial hair, an incredible detail that makes the scene of this 3D character design photorealistic, all managed in real-time rendering in Unreal Engine, which gives us the ability to move and change the lighting all this in real-time.

While MetaHuman Creator has already set a new standard for realistic character modeling, new opportunities are opening up for those looking to improve their experience. For game developers and storywriters looking to take their characters to a new level, turning to professional game character design services can be helpful. But let’s get back to our topic.

MetaHuman Creator – Light Test

This new technology opens the door to a new concept of working in 3d, accessible to all, the difference for an excellent product will be increasingly given not so much by the quality or the detail of the photorealism of the 3d scene but will be increasingly important, the factor of storytelling, of a well-made story.

How to download MetaHuman Creator?

Access to MetaHuman Creator web-based:
To Download the Face Assets:
1) If you haven’t downloaded it, download Quixel Bridge.
2) Open Quixel Bridge in the left section you will find the list of MHC MetaHumans presets ready to use.
3) Here you can select the model you want, you can download the basic model to use in UE4, Blender, Maya C4D.


Below is the first link released for MetaHuman demo in February:

MetaHuman Creator will be ready for test-driving as an Early Access program within the next few months.

In the meantime, you can Download the example that showcases high-fidelity characters that come fully rigged:

Download Free MetaHumans
  • Featuring two digital humans generated from the MetaHuman Creator, this example showcases high-fidelity characters that come fully rigged, ready for animation and motion capture.
    The project is a cinematic sequence with each character speaking to the camera and can be run on a variety of hardware platforms.
  • This sample requires 4.26.1 or later to run as expected.
  • Licensed for use only with Unreal Engine-based products


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