Free Water Bubble Molecule C4D Scene

Today we share this 3D scene project of bubbles animation, shaders and lighting created in C4D and Octane Renderer. This scene is available for free download thanks to the generous contribution of the 3DArt team!

The scene is made available for free using the code: Free3DArt

The animated scene of bubbles fusing together, creating an effect often used in the world of cosmetic animations, where liquid animations with molecules fusing are shown.

The scene was created using Cinema 4D, utilizing some displacement modifiers, and then the cloner to dynamically create the bubbles, molecules forming inside the larger bubble. The scene concludes with the merging of these two liquids, creating a single final bubble through the use of C4D’s metaball.

But wait, there’s more! This scene was animated on a 120-frame timeline, with each bubble carefully animated. From the moving internal molecules to the larger liquid bubbles embracing each other to form the final larger droplet.

The scene consists of two main bubble liquids with molecular bubble particles inside, with an HDRI map, and the liquid material made in Octane Render ready for use.

And now for the best part: this creation is available to you for free!

Download Free Water Bubble Molecule C4D scene

How to get the 3D free scene?

Simply go to the Gumroad link, select the payment, and at checkout, enter the code “Free3DArt” to access the package of the free scene, this is only for 3DArt users 😉
*Free resource until April 21, 2024, so hurry!

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