Mass Layoffs in VFX & Games, Hollywood Strikes, AI Takeover

In recent years, we have witnessed radical changes in the entertainment industry, marked by mass layoffs in the VFX and gaming sectors. There is ongoing discussion about widespread layoffs in VFX and gaming, impacting thousands of employees each year. This highlights the turbulent state of the creative industry, emphasizing the uncertainties faced by both employed individuals fearing job cuts and those already grappling with unemployment.

The crisis in the film and VFX industry leading to layoffs stems from inflation, rising interest rates, and the impact of past events such as the 2008 recession. In this year, with the increase in new technologies and production, the industry undergoes a radical transformation, causing instability and giving rise to numerous protests both in Hollywood and the VFX world. A notable instance is the mass layoffs of the team that won the Oscar for the film “Life of Pi,” leading to a VFX protest in response.

Mass layoffs in visual effects and video games, strikes in Hollywood, and the acquisition of artificial intelligence.

With the advent of artificial intelligence in creative fields, we are facing a new revolution that is fundamentally and definitively changing the production landscape of the creative industry. The billion-dollar investment by film production houses and animation studios in artificial intelligence (AI) acknowledges its disruptive potential, especially in the generation of photorealistic images, videos, and automations that were previously exclusively in the hands of humans. This development is both alarming and challenging the role of human labor in this sector.

In this discussion released by FlippedNormals, the focus will be on the highly turbulent state of the industry. The creative industry is currently grappling with mass layoffs in both visual effects and video games, causing concern for employed individuals fearing job cuts. The conversation will explore the current situation and discuss possible actions that can be taken to navigate and gain some control over the challenging circumstances.

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