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Let’s share about 3DArt, Motion Tools Pro, a crazy FREE tool for After Effects, released for all motion designers who want to improve their workflow, this plugin is suitable for both beginner and advanced-level users.

Motion Tools Pro offers a number of professional tools that can be used to streamline the motion design content creation process.

Within Motion Tools Pro, we find many tools to use such as Sliders for animation, Setting an anchor point, Offset layers, Expressions for smooth animation, Copying keys, Splitting / Collecting Shape Layers, Null creation, Converting .ai to shape and removing the background.

This tool is very similar to the Motion 2 plugin (Motion v2.0), one of the most loved and used plugins in After Effects by motion designers.

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Motion Tools Pro Overview:

Motion Tools Pro is released for free download, from Motion Design School ( is a learning platform that offers motion graphic animation courses, tutorials, interactive exercises, resources, and tools to become a motion designer.
The courses are designed to help designers build a strong knowledge base in Motion Design and provide step-by-step guidance to develop the skills needed to create quality content.

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