FREE Parallax Script for After Effects

In this video, we will see how to recreate the parallax effect in After Effects using a completely free and automated script.

The free script for After Effects called “One Click Parallax” is a collaboration between Eran Stern of sternFX and Liran Tabib of VDODNA.

The script automates the creation of parallax animations in After Effects by converting layers into 3D layers and generating a parallax camera. Based on the layer order in the After Effects timeline, the script positions each layer in 3D space, with the farthest layers placed lower and the closest layers positioned higher to create depth.

How to create Parallax in After Effects using script

With a single click, all layers in the composition will spread out along the Z-axis and automatically resize to maintain the 2D design. Additionally, a camera will be created to control all elements in the 3D scene.

The “Parallax Amount” parameter in the script controls the distance between layers, affecting the intensity of the parallax effect. The video demonstrates how to use the script to create parallax effects, manipulate the camera, and customize the animation, including the creation of a faux 3D title effect.

The fastest way to create a 3D layer parallax effect in After Effects!

We highly recommend this useful script to all animators, as it greatly benefits every artist in their workflow by reducing time and improving accuracy in their work.

Download FREE Parallax Script for After Effects

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