Free Blaster & Hyperspeed VFX Elements

Hi guys, do you want to recreate an E-11 Blaster laser shot in your sci-fi scene? let’s download this amazing video footage for all Star Wars Fan, ActionVFX released for free a Blaster shoots fire and the video footage of Hyperspeed to use for free in your space scene.

How to create Blaster laser shot and Hyperspeed animation After Effects?

Blaster & Hyperspeed video footage:

  • 5 Blaster clips “Captured with an authentic E-11 blaster rifle fired by TK-421″
  • 1 Hyperspeed transition clip
  • Side angle
  • Multiple variations
  • 2K resolution at 23.976fps.
    Video footage format: 10-Bit ProRes 422
  • Use the “screen” blending mode to remove the black background.
  • Includes 1 bonus Hyperspeed Transition effect.
Free Blaster and Hyperspeed VFX Elements

ActionVFX is a portal that collects many resources for VFX artist take a look at it:

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