DOWNLOAD Nuke Gizmo version 2.0 collection

This is a good resource for all VFX Artist, the visual effects facility Spin VFX has released a popular open-source collection of Nuke Gizmo version 2.0, for Foundry’s compositing software Nuke.

Nuke Gizmo version 2.0 collection are used in vfx production, now you can download the version 2.0.
Nuke Gizmo version 2.0 is used in production at the studio, cover a range of common tasks, including camera projection, relighting, light wrapping, colour matching and spill correction.


Spin VFX Nuke Gizmos Overview

This doesn’t go very in depth but looks at an example for each and every tool.

Free Nuke Gizmo for 3D:
Noise3D : 00:50
Relight_Simple: 03:28
ReProject_3D: 04:45

Free Nuke Gizmo for Color:
Match_Black_White: 07:30
Suppress_RGBCMY: 09:15

Free Nuke Gizmo for Comp:
Grain_Advanced: 11:00
Lightwrap_Exponential: 14:16
Morph_Dissolve: 16:34 (See

Free Nuke Gizmo for Effects:
Chromatik: 16:45
Glow_Exponential: 23:30

Free Nuke Gizmo for Keying:
Edge_Expand: 24:55
Erode_Fine: 31:08
Spill_Correct: 33:07

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