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If you are working on the anatomical model of a 3d character, take a look at Z-Anatomy, a new “open-source anatomy atlas” for all 3d artists.

In Z-Anatomy you can manage all anatomical sections, view key parts of the human body as a multi-layered 3D model and download the 3d model. Z-Anatomy is available both as a Blender file and as a free Android app and shows the main structures of the human body, divided into layers, including the skeleton, muscles, blood vessels and nerves, with its main anatomical systems, the skeleton, muscles, vascular and nervous systems and internal organs, displayed on layers.

You can turn individual layers on or off or hide or isolate individual body parts, users can view the 3d human body, in cross-section to see how the individual parts fit together.

Z-Anatomy is based on the project started in 2021 by medical illustrator Gauthier Kervyn, an open-source project based on the open-source data set BodyParts3D created by the Japanese research institute Database Center for Life Science.

In Z-Anatomy you can download 3D models in a standard format including a downloadable Blender file, use custom hotkeys to view content – and an Android app.

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System requirements and licenses
Z-Anatomy is available for Blender on Windows and macOS under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 license and as a free Android app for Android 7-10 and Android 11+.

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