Soft Body Dynamics Inflation Using Fields C4D

In questo tutorial di Cinema 4D tutorial, by EJ ci mostra come controllare il softbody dynamic inflation simulations usando Mograph Fields oltre a come modellare facilmente le cuciture!

00:18 – Shoutout to Josh Edwards
03:01 – Covering Soft Body Dynamics springs settings
04:40 – Key soft body inflation settings
08:16 – Adding Vertex Maps
12:21 – Controlling dynamics with Fields
15:04 – Preventing soft body dynamics issues
19:41 – Adding edge selections to Vertex Maps
22:18 – Adding seams using Bevel Deformer
26:00 – Adding Random Fields for organic inflation
27:10 – Other examples of soft body dynamic inflation uses
32:02 – Adding Displacers to add wrinkles to objects
36:26 – Recap

Download Project Files:

Un grazie a Josh Edwards di BUCK Sydney per aver condiviso queste tecniche:

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