Unreal Engine 4.26 – New Feature Highlights

Unreal Engine 4.26 continues to extend your ability to create believable real-time worlds and characters with production-ready strand-based Hair and Fur, new Volumetric Clouds for the realistic sky, cloud, and environment lighting.
The new Flowmaps 3D function in UE 4.26, working with Curve Assets, and painting the flow maps and density of the clouds storm, and an experimental new Water system.

There are also enhancements to the Movie Render Queue to export the sequence for compositing application in Nuke, Fusion, and After Effects. Also, we have Collab Viewer template, animation blending in Sequencer, and much more.

Unreal Engine 4.26 – New Feature Highlights

How to Export render passes from Unreal Engine to Nuke?

Movie Render Queue in Unreal Engine 4.26 to Nuke

Unreal Engine 4.26 brings several enhancements to the movie render queue, enabling users, even more, control over their final render output.

With the ability to output render passes from Unreal Engine, such as Matte IDs, camera motion vectors, Z-depth, and more, it is now easier to process the editing downstream of your compositing application in Nuke, Fusion, and After Effects.

The addition of industry-standard codecs such as Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHR allows users a wider variety of choices for a high-quality media export. To help maintain a linear workflow, we now support OpenColor IO support in the viewport as well as in the movie render queue.

Additionally, we have added support for Final cut Pro XML, and EDL helping the post-production pipeline workflow between Unreal and the editing software.


Diving Into the Depths of Water as a Feature in Unreal Engine 4.26

Exploring the amazing new water capabilities introduced in Unreal Engine 4.26, Epic Games’ Sjoerd de Jong talks you through the basics of setting up an ocean, a lake, and a river.

Then, he dives into more advanced features and possibilities that showcase how you can tap into the water rendering through other parts of the engine by making objects float on waves, cutting holes into the water surface, and more.

Sky, cloud, and environment lighting in EU 4.26

The Sky Atmosphere system has been significantly improved in Unreal Engine 4.26, including fully configurable Volumetric Clouds, Sky Atmosphere shadowing improvements, real-time dynamic GPU-based Sky Lighting that automatically reacts to time-of-day changes, and a new Environment Light Mixer panel to make adjusting all things related to the atmosphere easy to find.

With the new improvements, creators will be able to build realistic or stylized dynamic skies above any world they can imagine.

Animation in Sequencer in Unreal Engine 4.26

Sequencer in Unreal Engine 4.26 has had some great new improvements focused on skeletal animation. Animation clips can now be blended together more accurately by specifying which bone to match between animation clips. Visual debugging tools have been added that show root motion and skeletons, ensuring accurate blending.

Skeletal animation can now be driven in Sequencer using an FK rig, or a custom-built control rig leveraged by a backward solver, which can then be baked onto the skeletal mesh in Sequencer. This allows animators to create believable animations in Sequencer without having to go back to an external tool.

These Sequencer-based animations can then be baked out to entirely new track-linked animation sequences. Also in this release, we’ve added an experimental Full Body IK solver, so animators can quickly create biomechanically accurate animations.

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