Clouds real-time creation with Flowmaps 3D

We are sharing on 3DArt, this incredible clouds, storm simulation in Unreal Engine, by Ryan Brucks from Epic Games, has shared his experiments with clouds in real-time and showcased new features for UE 4.26.

We can see in the video how he used the new Flowmaps 3D function in UE 4.26, working with Curve Assets, and painting the flow maps and density of the clouds storm.The clouds are rendered with a new VolumetricCloud, integrated volumetric clouds plugin by Seb Hillaire made for UE 4.26. For clouds painting, Ryan applied a 2D map with RGBA colours that helped define the form of the cloud.

Clouds real-time creation with Flowmaps in UE 4.26

For more info check Ryan Brucks channel: Here

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