Physically Accurate Metal in Octane Tutorial

In this C4D quick tip, you’ll learn how to create physically accurate metal surfaces in Octane renderer in Cinema 4D, a tutorial released by New Plastic.

How to create the gold material in Octane?

Most metals are metallic grey or silvery white whereas gold is characteristically a metallic yellow color, in other words, gold-colored. Cesium is also gold-colored.

The gold color seems related to the relativistic effects of the outermost gold orbitals, check out the tutorial on how to make a physically accurate 3d gold material.

00:00​ – Intro
00:30​ – Quick Overview of the New Material Pack
01:05​ – Set Up the Metal Material
01:16​ – Why RGB IOR Matters
01:47​ – Get the Correct IOR Info for Your Metal
03:11​ – Disclaimer
03:48​ – Add Procedural Imperfections
05:20​ – Outro

On this web site, (refractive index) we can check the value of the metal Aluminium (Al), Brass (Cu-Zn alloy), Copper (Cu), Gold (Au), Iron (Fe), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Platinum (Pt), Silver (Ag), Titanium (Ti), values of metals that we can use and recreate in 3d.

The model used, download here: /3d-scan-free-download/

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