Nvidia free Canvas app Paint with AI NVIDIA Studio

Hey CG Artists, Canvas free AI-based painting tool is a tool worth trying, Nvidia a few days ago released Canvas, a free artificial intelligence-based painting tool, which allows you to go to in just a few clicks. Let’s create complex scenes starting from simple user sketches on the canvas, creating an incredible result and very fun to use.

The app is based on photographic images using a generative AI network, creating realistic landscape images in real time.
You can add and manage elements in the scene such as rocks, grass, rivers, sand, sky, clouds and fog.

A truly incredible tool perfect for concept, visual style, the Canvas demo is not yet at a level to be used in production, but it gives us the possibility to export the file in separate layers in PSD, making it possible to refine the image later in Photoshop.


You can download the app, available for free in beta, is hardware accelerated via Tensor cores in Nvidia GPUs.

System requirements
Canvas is available in beta for Windows 10. To use it, you need an Nvidia GeForce RTX, Titan RTX, Quadro RTX or RTX GPU with version 460.89+ of the Nvidia GeForce, Studio or Quadro driver.


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