MetaHuman Creator early access out now! MetaHuman Creator is a new revolutionary digital humans tool cloud-based app to manage facial expressions, where you can create photorealistic 3d human model, ready to use in virtual production in Unreal Engine, film and video games.

MetaHuman Creator Early Access Out Now!

MetaHuman Creator is now available in early access, you can just register to join the early access program via a new product page on Epic Games’ website, and access to 50 readymade MetaHuman characters for use in Unreal Engine projects.

MetaHuman Creator Early Access Out Now: Meet the Team

MetaHuman Creator, a cloud-based app for creating high-fidelity digital humans in minutes, is now available in Early Access. Here, we talk with some of the team behind the tool about what inspired and motivated them to spend years crafting the technology, and how they’re excited to make it available to everyone.

MetaHuman Creator is the most advanced real-time character creation tool!

The final version will be ready in the next few months, but Epic Games has made available MetaHuman Creator early access out now!

In MetaHuman Creator, you can create digital human very fast and photorealistic results in a real-time quality. The software is free for use with Unreal Engine.

How to access MetaHuman Creator?

Let’s start with MetaHuman Creator NOW:

    1. Request access:
    2. If you haven’t downloaded it, Quixel Bridge
    3. Open Quixel Bridge in the left section you will find the list of MHC MetaHumans presets ready to use
    4. Here you can select the model you want, you can download the basic model to use in UE4, Blender, Maya C4D, or access the MHC MetaHumans Creator to modify the face in all the versions you want.

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