The Virtual Production Field Guide

We share the new release of the second volume of the Virtual Production Field Guide, a PDF guide volume released for free, with over 158 pages, where you can study how to interact and work with the new virtual production workflow for films.

The guide was released by Epic Games, and you can download it for free. In the first volume released a few months ago, virtual production is introduced, a meeting point between the world of live-action and that of digital, which meet, with the ability to mix live footage with computer graphics in real-time, and making decisions on set about VFX, and real-time animation, with no limits.

What is virtual production and when to use it?

After addressing the Virtual Production (VP) workflow in Guide 1, Volume 2 of this guide, we find over 20 new interviews with leading artists, film and television industry professionals – producers, directors, cinematographers and VFX artists, who tell us about their experience on set working for computer-generated virtual production scenes.
Virtual production allows you to have a hybrid control of the scenes shot, allowing you to shoot the actors live, in the background to the LED that shows CGI backgrounds, all coordinated in real-time that moves and interacts with the camera movement.

In the second guide, we see how important films were dealt with, and what are the job prospects that virtual production with Unreal Engine allows you to have.
In guide 1 we have seen the workflow of The Mandalorian has played a fundamental role in aall the work of Virtual Production.
This time there is something more specific, let’s take a closer look at Unreal Engine, with dedicated sections attached.

Download the free Virtual Production Field Guide now:


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