Virtual Production is the future of filmmaking

Virtual production is where the physical and digital worlds meet, is the ability to mix live footage with the computer graphics in real-time, and to make decisions on set about the VFX and animation in real-time.

What is virtual production and why is the future of filmmaking?

Virtual production is also like parallel processing. It removes the barriers between live production and visual effects, so that they can occur simultaneously instead of inline.

Why ‘The Mandalorian’ Uses Virtual Sets Over Green Screen

For decades, film and TV productions have used green and blue screens to place actors into new environments. Now, LED walls are revolutionizing this process by projecting 3D environments in real-time behind actors to provide the illusion of being in a physical location.

These methods were put to the test on Disney’s “The Mandalorian,” of which over half was filmed indoors on a virtual set. This process of combining traditional cinematography techniques with advanced world-building technology effectively eliminates the need for a green screen.

The Virtual Production of The Mandalorian, Season One

One of the most advanced technologies in Unreal Engine for managing the Real-Time virtual environments, photorealistic on the set.

On the Virtual Production hub, Epic Games has been keeping you up to date with some of the latest and most creative advancements in virtual production.
As part of their continuing effort to make virtual production (VP) accessible to all, Epic Games has just published The Virtual Production Field Guide, a Free downloadable PDF intended as a foundational information document for anyone either interested in VP or already leveraging these techniques in production.

Want to understand what virtual production is and how it fits into a modern pipeline? Download your free copy of The Virtual Production Field Guide today, and get in-depth insights into how the technology is transforming the art and craft of filmmaking for everyone from directors and producers to stunt coordinators and grips.

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