Krita 4.3 Download free digital painting

Digital Artists, let’s check the new Krita 4.3, the full-featured free digital painting studio for artists who want to create professional work from start to end.

Do you want a Photoshop replacement software for Free? Krita is the best tool for digital painting that you can find for free! Krita is used by comic book artists, illustrators, concept artists, matte and texture painters and in the digital VFX industry.

Krita is used by millions of people all over the world!

Krita 4.3 Released. Reviewing the release notes!

Krita has several features that are unique or a first among free software painting applications: support for colorspaces other than RGB, like CMYK, support for HDR painting, painting assistants, a perspective grid.
The Krita developers are keen to support the artistic community that has grown around Krita.

The name “Krita” comes from Swedish, and means “to draw” or “chalk” and was taken after the names “KImageShop” and “Krayon” gave problems. Krita’s mascot is Kiki, a cybersquirrel designed by Tyson Tan.

Download Krita 4.3.0

Windows Installer 64-bit (111MB)

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