In this video, Cubic Motion’s Adam Walton takes you through using all of the controls to manage facial expressions in the facial rig included with MetaHumans in Unreal Engine. In this video 40 minute demo of the facial rig for characters, we will see how to use MetaHuman Facial Rig control panels.

How to use MetaHuman Facial Rig control?

In the rig controls, we can move and animate the key points all over the face, also we have an incredible controller for mouth and tongue positions, and a set of extra controls for tweaking brows and lips.

MetaHumans Pricing, and system requirements:

  • MetaHuman Creator will become available in early access within the next few months.
  • The system working in a browser-based service, Epic Games reported that it is a technology within everyone’s reach, you won’t need a powerful computer to access it, but recommend using it to its fullest power using a high-end system with a powerful graphics card to display it as intended using Unreal Engine’s latest ray tracing and hair features.
  • Epic Games confirmed that MetaHuman Creator will be free for Unreal Engine users.

Download MetaHumans example scene here:  /metahuman-creator-download/

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