How to animate characters in MetaHuman using iClone

In this video we will learn how to animate characters in MetaHuman using iClone, we will see how to add animation on characters in this tutorial in MetaHuman, using iClone Live link and Actorcore mocap. This technique will save you a lot of time and makes it possible to animate multiple characters in MetaHuman at the same time, a tutorial by Solomon Jagwe.

How to animate Character in MetaHuman using iClone + Actorcore Body Mocap?

  • Play iClone animation in real-time on Unreal Sequencer and record character’s facial transformations, skeletal data, lighting, and camera attributes in Unreal playback in MetaHuman.
  • Easily generate multiple Unreal sequences from the same iClone project, an effective workflow for Unreal non-linear editing.

Unreal Engine MetaHuman, character animation TUTORIAL


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