CV-AR: Facial Capture, Rig an Animji-style in C4D

CV-AR: Facial Capture, Rig in C4D with iPhoneX

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CV-AR makes use of the front facing True Depth camera, in the iPhoneX, to capture your face structure, facial movement, images and also your voice. It requires access to the front facing camera and microphone. This data is stored locally on your iPhone within the App itself. You can manage your captures and transfer them to Cinema 4D to use your own likeness in 3D scenes, or to drive the animation of other characters.

Facial Capture, Rig in C4D with iPhoneX

The data can be deleted from your phone at any time via the captures tab. The data is not transmitted anywhere else, other than to Cinema 4D, which is completely under your control. When the data is sent to Cinema 4D it is stored in a folder of your choosing, and the data can be deleted at any time.

Download the C4D Scene: CV-AR Content Library

Download the app from the iOS App store
Or view the App Store from your browser.
Requires iOS 11.3 or later.

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