1200 free HDRIs

We share this awesome collection with over 1,200 Free HDRIs maps ready to download and available to the community. The HDRIs are shared by MattePaint, a company providing reference photography for film and games, used by big firms such as Framestore, The Mill, MPC, Dneg, Blur, Animallogic, etc.

The file library contains 7 HDRI sequences at 2K resolution.

The MattePaint HDRI library is shot from a truly unique location with near-zero obstructions. They set out to capture HDRIs at 1.5-minute intervals at 50,000px resolution and a minimum dynamic range to make them suitable for Image-based lighting. Now, with over 1,000 HDRIs, the library is the largest in the world and growing every month.


MattePaint provides you with detailed data of our HDRI sequences to help you get the best result.

Every HDRI has embedded metadata for Sun intensity, Elevation, Azimuth, Frame, and more, allowing your team to integrate the entire library with your pipeline of CG or VFX scenes.

Free Sky Library

Each image in our HDRI library is available as a 16k jpg, projected at multiple views of 120° FOV. You can download a free copy of the entire “backplate library” at 2k resolution below. As a reminder, all the HDRI images are available from 2K to 50K resolution.



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