Without borders 3D Challenge Winners Announcement

Hey 3D Artists, we are very happy to announce the winners of the Without borders Challenge!
Participants were to create a 3D work with a famous building from their country, that would be the best place to visit by a traveler. The environment in the work should be made in 3D.

The event is released by Hum3D, 3DArt supported the challenge as finalist judge, the contest is supported by the best companies in the 3D world, and so the prizes for the first places look amazing. Also, everyone has an opportunity to receive additional prizes.

Let’s have a look at the amazing winners’ works of the competition.

Without borders 3D Challenge Winners Announcement!

First place is Aspire Tower (Doha, Qatar) by Ramees Muhammed

The works that attracted my attention, simple in their composition, but very interesting in the use of night lights, expressing the intense strength of the structure. I like how the colors and contrasts of the composition have been balanced.

Made with using 3ds Max and Corona Renderer.

Also, Ramees gets a Special prize from Corona Renderer team for the best work made with using Corona and a Special prize from Nevercenter team for the Best sky in a work.

Second place is Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower (Tokyo) by Todor Vladev

Made with using 3ds Max, V-ray, Megascans, and Photoshop.
Also, Todor gets a Special prize from Exlevel team for the “Best Environment”.

Third place is Ottoman Legacy – Dolmabahce Palace by Kay John Yim

Made with using Redshift, Cinema4D, Rhino, Speedtree, and ZBrush.

This work is immediately caught my eye, I did not know Dolmabahce Palace, but as soon as you look at this work, you can feel the history and magic of that place. I like how the author reinterprets that place, using a very poetic light, increasing this feeling even more by using petals that rest on the water, while a sailing ship plows the sea towards the palace.

Special prize from Otoy team for the “Best render that made with using OctaneRender” gets “Christ The Redeemer” by Marcus Rizzo.

Special prize from Rebusfarm team gets “The Luz Station” by Phillip Schmidt.

Special prize from Rebusfarm team gets “The Luz Station” by Phillip Schmidt.

Special prize from InstaLOD team for the “Most detailed 3D model” gets “Malaga Cathedral Gardens (Andalucia, Spain)” by Simon Streater.

Special prize from iToo Software team gets “New Philharmonic (Szczecin, Poland)” by Adam Siuchninski.

Special prize from Fox Renderfarm team gets “Siegessäule” by Achim Schröder.

Special prize from Marmoset team gets “NGV International – Great Hall” by David Greco.

In addition, we’d like to point out the works which were chosen by Hum3D team. “Alexander Palace” by Alireza Seifi.

“Ponte 25 de Abril (Lisbon)” by Antonio D’avolio.

“Ancient Ruins in Greece” by Adrian Kulawik.

“Skytree Tower (Tokyo)” by Alessio Pitto.

“Walt Disney Concert Hall” by Dorin Jannotta.

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