Download Free Space HDRI maps

If you’re working on a sci-fi space scene, don’t miss these free HDRI maps made available for download by the ProductionCrate online resource library, which has released a series of HDRI maps showing Earth from space, 10 of which are available for download free.

Download this high-quality Space HDRI inspired by NASA photography

Orbital 46 – Sunset Space HDRI

Orbital 45 – Sunset Space HDRI

Orbital 40 –  Space HDRI

Orbital 38 –  Space HDRI

Orbital 35 –  Space HDRI

Orbital 34 –  Space HDRI

Orbital 30 – Sunset earth space view

Orbital 29 – Sunset earth space map

Orbital 14 – earth space view

Orbital 10 – sunset earth space view texture

Free high-resolution HDRI showing Earth from space, with different 24-hour states, from bright daylight to sunset, showing cloud formations in the visible part of the Earth’s atmosphere, recreated from an altitude with the planet and darkness of space.

The hdri maps can be used as backgrounds for your space scenes or used for ambient lighting.
The images, are available in HDR and EXR format, with 4K and 16K resolution, and are licensed for use in commercial projects. Also, you can see in this short tutorial how to use spatial maps in this video tutorial explaining how to use HDRIs to create spatial scenes in Blender.

These spatial HDRI maps are ready to download in 16K resolution, perfect resolution for cinematic renders that require high quality textures.

License terms and system requirements
The 10 free HDRIs are available as 4K (4,096 x 2,048px) and 16K (16,384 x 8,192px) EXR files and 4K HDR files suitable for use in DCC software and game engines such as 3ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, Unity and UE5.

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