Utilizing 3D workflows in Nuke

Hi guys, don’t miss this tutorial about digital compositing, and in particular today we’ll learn how to use 3d models in the Nuke VFX workflow.

How to use the 3D space in Nuke?

Exploring a Custom Pipeline Tool | Part1

In this video, Martin Mayer explores a custom pipeline tool he’s built to navigate multiple shows, sequences and episodes, complete with auto-loading of templates and assets.

Using LiveGroups in Production | Part2

In this video, Jessie Burgess shows how LiveGroups can be used in day to day production. More and more studios are adopting this workflow, so it’s a great opportunity to see the different use cases for LiveGroups, from covering it as a shared tool, all the way through to a master comp workflow.

Animation Tools in Nuke | Part3

In this video DJ Matias looks at a Nuke script that requires revisions and will traverse the Node Graph to address the changes. He covers the basics of how to use the animation tools in Nuke and how to quickly make keyframe changes.

Utilizing 3D in Nuke Tutorial | Part4

In this video tutorial, Terry Riyasat covers some workflows using the 3D space in Nuke alongside geometry from the 3D department. Terry takes a look at using the Axis node to add elements that match our render, and building texture using the UDIM importer, relighting in Nuke.

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