Hi guys, if you missed the live broadcast of Unreal Build: Virtual Production or want to watch again? Don’t worry! The sessions event are now available to view and share on-demand on youtube.

Unreal Build: Virtual Production 2020 has now concluded, but you can now watch the sessions on-demand below.

Over four hours of content showcasing incredible projects and innovations from film and television industry trailblazers is available online, for free, and can be shared with anyone interested in learning more about virtual production.

Virtual Production is a free half-day virtual event that showcases incredible projects and innovations from film and television industry trailblazers. We’ll also be bringing you the latest features in the upcoming Unreal Engine 4.26 release. Plus special guest presentation from Weta Digital.

What is virtual production and why is the future of VFX filmmaking?

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Unreal Build: Virtual Production 2020 showcased the next-generation of tools and techniques set to transform filmmaking. Get a glimpse of the future here.

Unreal Build: Virtual Production Welcome & Overview

Unreal Build: Virtual Production celebrates the incredible ingenuity and artistry of content creators worldwide, as real-time technology revolutionizes the film and television industries.

Join Business Development Manager Miles Perkins, Industry Manager for Film & TV David Morin, and Head of the LA Lab Connie Kennedy, to hear about the many ways in which Epic Games is investing in virtual production: from Unreal Engine development to educational initiatives like the Unreal Fellowship, to free high-quality assets and environments on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, to financial assistance from the Epic MegaGrants program.

Against All Odds: From Start-up to Showtime in One Year

Money is tight, the director is old-school, and you’re racing against time. Nobody’s done this before in your region. All the odds are stacked against you.
How do you take the leap and come out the other side alive? In this session, VFX industry veteran Max Rocchetti will share a few takeaways from life on an indie production, debuting content and behind-the-scenes clips from an upcoming Warner Bros. film shot entirely on Italy’s first LED soundstage.

Bringing Unreal Creatures to the Film Industry

Aaron Sims, creator of some of this generation’s most unforgettable cinema creatures like the Stranger Things Demogorgon, will debut new characters and discuss how his studio is bringing them into feature films with Unreal Engine.
He’ll explain how Aaron Sims Creative came to adopt Unreal Engine, showcasing scenes and creatures from the studio’s Epic MegaGrant-funded film project, Dive. Over the course of the session, Aaron will reveal how virtual production has helped shape the film, extrapolating from this experience to other projects as well as the industry as a whole.

Production Design on The Mandalorian: Season 1

Art Director of Disney’s The Mandalorian, Andrew Jones will discuss the value that virtual production delivers with assets built in the art department that carry through to the final picture. He’ll reveal the approach the studio took to virtual production on the space western television series, including a look at the techniques used as well as what worked and what didn’t.

Integrating Unreal Virtual Production
Into the Highest-Quality Character Animation Pipeline

This session will explore how animation studio AMGI harnesses the power of real-time rendering to produce high-quality animation at a fraction of the traditional animation time.
The presentation will dive into the latest tools and techniques AMGI uses for rapid prototyping of full-body and facial animation, showcasing a process of motion capture puppeteering mixed with keyframe animation rendered at super-fast speeds.

Special Presentation from Weta Digital

Epic Games partnered with Weta Digital on this exclusive animated short, created in Unreal Engine using the new Hair & Fur Rendering and Simulation tool coming to all users later this year in Unreal Engine 4.26. Weta Digital also leveraged Unreal Engine’s Control Rig and Animation in Sequencer features to create the meerkat, and Movie Render Queue for export

Fireside Chat with Robert Zemeckis and Kevin Baillie

We’re excited to welcome visionary Academy Award-winning director Robert Zemeckis and his longtime VFX supervisor Kevin Baillie for a fireside chat.
This wide-ranging discussion will cover Zemeckis’ pioneering work in visual effects and virtual production, the duo’s collaboration and achievements over the past decade, and where they see virtual production taking the industry in the future.

Unreal Build: Virtual Production Studio Executive Panel

Hear directly from top executives at Amazon Studios, Disney/Lucasfilm, Netflix, Paramount, and Universal Pictures how virtual production is changing the game in filmmaking at the studio level from creative opportunities for artists to budgeting and staffing, and how they see virtual production evolving the filmmaking process from here.

Unreal Build: Virtual Production Thank You & Closing

As virtual production continues to unlock new creative possibilities for filmmakers, stay tuned for the release of Unreal Engine 4.26 later this year, with brand new features to help creators achieve greater levels of collaboration and artistry than ever before.

Unreal Build: Virtual Production 2020

Incredible projects, cutting-edge innovations, and industry trailblazers…
Unreal Build: Virtual Production 2020 showcased the next-generation of tools and techniques set to transform filmmaking.

Unreal Engine 4.26 Presentation

Get a sneak peek at upcoming Unreal Engine 4.26 features with Epic Games’ Director of Product Management, Sebastien Miglio.


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