Unity Digital Human new version is now available

We had already talked about the new technology of Unity for the creation of digital humans, now a new updated version has been released, announced during the Unite 2022 conference of Unity, the release of an updated version of the Digital Human package, the library of functionalities technologies used to create realistic digital humans for the tech demos of Enemies ed Heretic.

The updated version of the technology is already available via GitHub, which opens up the next step, that of bringing digital humans to life and making them practical for gaming.

Unity has significantly strengthened its digital human technology, in part through the acquisition of the VFX Weta Digital and its internal tools and, more recently, Ziva Dynamics.


  • Facial animation systems
    • Tools for 4D clip import and processing. (When we say 4D, we mean a sequence of meshes captured over time.)
    • 4D clip rendering with timeline integration.
    • 4D frame fitting allowing detail injection from facial rig.
    • Integration of facial rig from Snappers.
    • Pose facial rig directly in Unity.
  • Skin attachment system
    • Drive meshes and transforms in relation to dynamically deforming skin.
    • Used to drive eyebrows, eyelashes, stubble and logical markers.
    • Accelerated by C# Job System and Burst Compiler.
  • Shaders and rendering
    • Full shader graphs for skin/eyes/teeth/hair as seen in The Heretic.
    • Custom pass for cross-material normal buffer blur (tearline).
    • Custom marker-driven occlusion for eyes and teeth.

Unity Digital Human New improvements:

  • Added GPU path for skin deformation and skin attachment calculations.
    • When using GPU path for skin attachment target, EyeRenderer and TeethRenderer need a reference to the SkinAttachmentTarget driving the markers as the transforms aren’t updated on CPU anymore
  • Added skin tension to apply wrinkle maps.
  • Custom pass for slight blurring around the eye lids.
  • New shader graphs for eyes and skin.
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