Character simulation tutorial in Maya

Learn how to simulation the muscle to get your characters performing on shot animation, how to get your characters performing on shot animation in Maya by Ziva VFX.
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A Quick Intro to ZIVA VFX

A quick intro to the top character simulation tech by ZIVA VFX. Learn what we’re all about in under 2 minutes.

Run Up for Shot Work (Part. 1) | Ziva VFX Tutorial

ZIVA VFX lets users rapidly simulate soft-tissue materials and embed real-world physics into every creation. By mirroring the fundamental properties of nature, users achieve CG characters that move, flex, and jiggle the way audiences expect. This approach significantly reduces any need for artisan shot sculpting or corrective shapes and, instead, leverages the prevailing simulation method from engineering and science, the Finite Element Method, to achieve high-performance dynamics, right out-of-the-box.

Run Up for Shot Work (Part. 2) | Ziva VFX Tutorial

The proprietary technology is sold as an Autodesk Maya plugin, extending Maya’s functionality to include the most comprehensive commercial toolset developed specifically to improve the character creation process. When loaded, the user is presented with additional Ziva menus in Maya that have been populated with the features needed for robust, lifelike character simulation.

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