The 4th Room – a cinematic VR experience – 360 degrees video NFT

Hi guys, as you know we are exploring the NFT world more closely, today we are going through a project we did with an Italian director based in London Sebastiano Pupino, we will go through this project and see how this 360 degrees video NFT was born.

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Let’s talk about NFT

Well, we’ve been working on this movie for 5 years and I think with everything going on with NFTs, this is the right time and the right technology to release the movie.
We have already made NFTs from frames stolen from The Last Bite movie. I think the community around NFT is ready to understand this innovative art.
I think this is the right time to publish this science fiction the metaverse is upon us, only 1 digital copy for 1 lucky one who will enjoy it, on a VR viewer. and then it will be up to them to decide what to do with it. Maybe destroy it forever? It should be cool

Where the idea of The 4th Room came out?

The idea of the 4th Room came from a discarded scene of Gadget. I think with that short film we hit some thoughts in the audience and that’s why it went to all these festivals.

It was this man walking down a street in POV, he looks around and it’s all augmented reality. And he is followed or helped by a man called Diego. As you see in the 4th Room, Diego is also part of augmented reality, he is like a google map that helps him find the way.

But then everything goes wrong and Diego infiltrates into the POV or the character and well, you need to watch the film to see what happens

The main theme is transhumanism, which is the movement that promotes human enhancement technologies. I think that we the advent of VR and augmented reality, in the future we will be more integrated with both and that’s where these ideas came about.

But in a very classic style, we need to go a little bit ahead and see what happens when AI starts thinking for themselves and since you are so connected with them, it would be too late to escape.

What is fascinates you about VFX and how this VFX came out?

There are some special elements in the film, like the neural trees or the final shot. Usually, when you create the effects for a film, everything starts from concepts, working closely with the director, the producer, the 3d artist, and the VFX artist, working on production and post-production with the goal to reach a high level, ready to be launched following market standards.

The process we carried out in the 4th room is different, being an experimental and conceptual project, the effects were born through the emotionality of the main character, the effects are unstable, sometimes incomplete and unpredictable, our goal was not to create just a beautiful effect, but to transmit an emotion even if unpleasant.

The digital effects were created following Diego’s voice, we visually created his emotions: when he tried to interact with the viewer a worm enters the scene connecting the two worlds of real and virtual.

The 4th room film begins with a 180-degree view style, with a frontal point of view gradually entering Diego’s head. Then, the perspective widens to 360 degrees showing us his room, the 4th room. Diego’s room is the metaphor of the room that is in each of us, which sometimes remains closed forever, but that is there and unconsciously influences us for life.

It took years to digest that worm that is in each of us.

The room scene was interesting to create: we made the whole structure, from the furniture to the dreamlike elements that we find inside it.
The process of working on the effects on VR was long because it was an individual process of awareness: we collided with our personal 4th room, and it took years to digest that worm that is in each of us.

Synopsis: “In a remote future, everyone is connected to augmented reality. You are M.C., enjoy the ride.”

  • After purchasing this NFT you will receive a link to a Google Drive folder containing the only version available of the sci-fi / 360-degrees short film / cinematic VR experience: “The 4th Room”
  • it’s up to you then if you would like to re-sell it, upload it online, or destroy it forever.

The auction is live on Rarible here:

*** ATTENTION: you will need a VR headset to fully experience this film – we tested it on an Oculus Quest 2 and it works perfectly ***

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