Sci-Fi Short Film: Gadget

CGI Sci-Fi Short Film: “Gadget” – by Sebastiano Pupino
Set in the near future, Gadget tells the story of Neem a man jaded by the alienating, technology obsessed world he lives in. What he really needs is something real – human intimacy. Through his smart glasses he talks to his psychoanalysis app Freud, who suggests he should destress by having sex. Freud tells Neem about Sophie_X – a beautiful woman who seems really into Neem and whose profile shows a 98% match. Neem can’t believe his luck, he sets off to try and find her at a local bar..

CGI Sci-Fi Short Film: “Gadget” – by Sebastiano Pupino

The story, set sometime in the future, revolves around Neem, an app developer deeply obsessed and addicted by the modern technology, a wearable type of “smart glasses”. My intent is to show a futuristic distorted society where technology will dominate people senses and emotions.

The smartglasses are incredibly advanced and useful: connecting people in seconds and creating worlds with just the touch of a finger.

But what’s the other side of the coin?

With Gadget I want to question the audience perspective on the role of technology in the modern society: How the technology is influencing our perception of reality and human relationship?

The apps are really helping evolution or just protecting us behind a glass?
What is the Gadget, the smartglasses or Neem himself ?



by Sebastiano Pupino
Sumit Chakravartï as Neem
Daphne Di Cinto as Sophie_X
Tom Honickberg as Freud
Story by Sebastiano Pupino and Ian Parkin
Produced by Ian Parkin
Written by Anna C. Goodall
Cinematography by David Petts
Sound Design by Liu Yubo
VFX  by Emanuele Serra
3D Animation by Daniele Conte

The Director – Sebastiano Pupino Born in Taranto, Italy, Sebastiano Pupino moved to Rome to pursue his filmmaking aspirations. During this time he worked extensively in the Italian film industry. In 2009 he directed Refrain, a surreal short film that went on to win Best Film and Best Actor at Siddharta Summer Film Festival. In 2015 he relocated to London to study directing on the MA Filmmaking Course at Goldsmiths College.

The Producer – Ian Parkin
Ian Parkin graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College in 2010 and is currently studying film production on the MA Filmmaking course at Goldsmiths College. Over the past 6 years Ian has had a career as a video artist and has exhibited in galleries in London, Paris, York, Havana and Tel Aviv. His last film, The Old Kent Road, became a cult hit and was screened at Tate Modern in October

Production Notes: Gadget is a graduation film for students of the MA Filmmaking course at Goldsmiths College, London. The story came from a shared curiosity of the role of smart technology’s place in society. Inspired by Jaron Lanier’s landmark text You Are Not A Gadget we began exploring ideas of technological dependency and a devaluing of what it means to be human. Shot in 3 days and after almost 2 months of post-production including Visual Effects Compositing and 3D Animation, Gadget is an ambitious project intended to bend the borders of sci-fi with the most classical human drama.

Visual Effects Compositing and Motion Graphic animated by Emanuele Serra, Freud was designed and animated by 3D artist Daniele Conte. BBC speaker Tony Honickberg voiced the character and the facial expressions were captured on the director re-enacting the scenes. Colour Grading was made in Framestore studios by Jessica Vile ( ). Gadget external shots are set in Canary Wharf, the most famous financial area of London. Lauren Davies ( ) designed and crafted the smartglasses in the workshops of Goldsmiths University of London.


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