Spaghetti Man Art Collection

We are almost there at the launch of Spaghetti Man genesis art collection, and it comes out for the first time available in the digital version in NFT, auction active on February 1 on Foundation App:

Spaghetti Man was born as an artistic project in 2015 as an independent artistic vision, created by the digital artist Emanuele Serra, through 10 years of study, refinement of digital techniques, and experimentation in the field of 3d, cinema, digital art, and street art.

Spaghetti Man is a “manifesto” on the new humanism 3.0. It was born as a digital work, which evolves into street art, to then return as a digital work in NFT.

Spaghetti Man represents the awareness of the evolution of man, in a world in which we are witnessing more standardization of the individual, of consciences, and of roots.

Technology is no longer neutral, it is changing man’s way of thinking and living. We are heading dangerously towards a society where the human factor is often underestimated.

Spaghetti Man is an immigrant man, he is a number, he is the latest cog in a series, and he lives in a society where everything is momentary, fluid, changing, ambiguous, and precarious.

Spaghetti Man is a naked man who lives his time trying to understand how to find and change himself.

The awareness of this new change is the key to understanding reality, this man questions himself, accepts the cliché, his past history, meets and collides with the other, is contaminated by them, thus creating a new version. of itself.

From the clash between everything and apparent nothing, we are witnessing a rebirth and the development of a new awareness of post-modern man.

Man returns to his roots, evolving from a technological man to Spaghetti Man, the highest form of his essence, opening the doors of a new humanism.

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