Relight your footage in Nuke Free Tool

Hi guys, if you are working on re-lighting a scene in Nuke, don’t miss this amazing aeRelight2D Nuke Free tool gizmo, released by the VFX digital compositor Aitor Echeveste.

Developed by Aitor Echeveste, aeRelight2D is the free NUKE tool that allows you to relight your footage without needing any render passes in CG. 

This tool helps you re-light your scenes without the need for additional rendering steps. aeRelight2D is particularly useful when we try to illuminate elements of smoke or atmospheric elements, an important thing is to adjust the amount of Emboss well, depending on the incident light it will have to be negative or, we can also adjust the smoothness of our Emboss in compositing in Nuke.

Download on Nukepedia: /
Download from Github:  /aeRelight2D/

12.0, 11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows

Feedback, bugs, and suggestions will be welcome, for more info check here

What is re-lighting in VFX?

Relight is a quick method to re-illuminate scenes in a 2D environment, using particular techniques or tools, applying a 3D shader to an image to your 2D footage, going to work on the different passes of the levels of the elements of the scene.
Using this relight node tool in Nuke allows you to capture a 2D image and turn it back on using 3D lights in the scene.

Also let’s check this advanced tutorial about relighting real footage in Nuke: /re-lighting-real-footage-tutorial/

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