Hi 3D Artists, today I’m sharing this incredible tool for Motion Capture, Plask is a free tool web-based, is an amazing web-based, AI-powered Motion Capture tool, easy to use.

If you are looking for a quick Motion Capture creation tool to use in your 3D scenes, this tool is fast and extracts the motion capture from your video footage of your actor.

Free Online Motion Capture

Plask is a web-based Motion Capture engine, online tool, and free to use. With Plask you can quickly animate your character, by “Motion Traction” tracing the motion capture of your webcam, or from the video file that you can upload.

In Plask you can upload your video, decode the Motion Capture of the actor’s movements to a full bone 3d model, and export the movement through most professional file formats such as GLB, FBX, BVH and others.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Plask will capture the movement of the character for you, recreating the animation in a 3D model complete with bones and animated sections.

With one click your motion capture is ready to be applied to your 3d model, of course, this tool is a basic motion tracking system, instead if you are making a professional project, and you need more details and manage the complex movements of the characters in 3d space, it is more appropriate to use an advanced motion capture suit, which is more suitable for handling complex and professional movements.

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