Cloud Modeling in Houdini Tutorial

Hi Guys, we want to share also on 3DArt this amazing studio about Clouds in Houdini tutorials series by Sergen Eren.

How to create realistic clouds in Houdini?

In this series of tutorials we will see how to develop a framework for realistic modelling of clouds.
The series is divided into 3 parts:

Cloud Modelling in Houdini

How Clouds Form?

To be able to understand how clouds are shaped we have to first understand how they are formed, because clouds solely obey the “form follows function” rule.

Part 1: Creating low altitude clouds

How to use noise textures?

When you look at nature and start to see patterns, the best way to imitate it, is to usually use noise textures. The clouds we will be creating today cover huge areas in the sky and it would be a waste to use our computing resources on simulating them.

Part 2: Creating high altitude clouds

What tools we will use?

Our main DCC software will be Houdini, for lighting and rendering we will use Arnold renderer and for compositing we will be using Davinci Fusion. For compositing we will need HDRIs and couple stock footages where necessary.

Why Arnold? Can’t I use gpu renderer for faster rendering?

Part 3: Creating cloudscapes with Houdini and Arnold


You can read the whole series here:

Also here you can download 10 preset vdb cloud volumes that you guys can use with your scenes shared by Travis Davids. They can be used with any render engine that supports VDB, for example Octane Render and Arnold.

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