Let’s see one of the classic effects that we find very often in some of the Matrix scenes, the mirror effect that liquidates at the touch of Neo’s hands, released by Maxon in his latest installment of VFX Side Quest, his ongoing series of visual effects tutorials.

How to recreate Matrix effects in After Effects?

In this tutorial episode, Hashi (aka Action Movie Dad) shows us how to achieve the Matrix x effect with some VFX and compositing techniques in After Effects, using some effects within VFX Supercomp, we are going to recreate the mirror portal from ‘Upcoming Matrix Resurrections.

Into the Looking Glass – Matrix 4 Mirror VFX

This effect was developed live during “VFX and Chill with Seth and Hashi” the weekly VFX show and is recreated here in a stand-alone tutorial to be uploaded directly into your brain.

RG plugin used: VFX Supercomp Primatte Keyer Magic Bullet looks like Spot Blur universe.

  • Furthermore, the authors give us the opportunity to download the scene project in .AE for free, at the link below.
Download Matrix 4 Mirror VFX Scene

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