KOLLODI – an animated sci-fi short film made with Unreal Engine and Metahuman

After almost 6 months of production, the new short is finally completed: KOLLODI, a project by Sebastiano Pupino.

KOLLODI is a sci-fi short film made entirely in Unreal Engine and Metahuman.

KOLLODI ( from Carlo Collodi – creator of Pinocchio ) revolves around an AI on a journey of self-discovering and questioning its own freedom.

Kollodi ( voiced by an actual AI : Replica ) is presented in a surreal environment ( thanks Megascans and Brushify ! ) and it is woken up by its Developer ( voiced by Ken Wong ). The Dev quickly questions Kollodi – “Do you know where you are?”. The AI slowly understands its own limits and this dilemma is not well accepted by its code.

With KOLLODI, I decided to test virtual production and I loved every minute of it. I spent hours and hours trying to figure out the best place for the camera inside my little world. The freedom and the possibilities of this production method are truly endless and if this short film will be well received, I am looking forward to experimenting more with it.

You can watch KOLLODI on YouTube ( available also subbed with Italian, Spanish and French subs ) – if you liked it please leave a comment!

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