Sebastiano Pupino

Music Video – Felix Mercer – Dreams Of Ghosts

Dear filmmakers/artists/music lovers, we produced an indie feature film last summer called The Last Bite - trailer - it's an art-house surreal dreamy drama about an artist living in London. From some of the scenes of TLB we've created a music v...

GoPro Hero 7 is here!

Dear filmmakers, GoPro finally released the Hero 7 - a true jewel for us guerrilla filmmakers!  As you can see by this video, GoPro Hero 7 resembles pretty much the Hero 6 in the exterior. What lies beneath the surface is the true selling ...

Best Nifty Fifty on the market – the Samyang 50mm f1.5

As an indie filmmaker, I always try to find the most affordable way to get the best images for my films. Today we are talking about this bad boy here:    When it comes to affordable prime lenses, Samyang is definitely the best choice no...

LED YONGNUO YN360 Video Tube Light

As an independent guerrilla filmmaker we always need to shoot scenes in bad light conditions and with a lack of electric plugs. Since LED lights made their appearance in the market, filmmakers lives improved dramatically. Today I'd like to pres...

Sebastiano Pupino


Film producer and director born in Italy and working in London.