Today we’ll see how to create a 3d abstract model using Volume Shape in Houdini in this tutorial for beginner + Hip file to Download for FREE.
I always liked this type of 3d effects, working on the organic design of the mesh, creating abstract scenarios of the 3d models.

How to create a 3d abstract model in Houdini?

This technique released by HAGI, reminds me a little of the abstract effect we can achieve using Volume Displacement in Arnold by playing on the mesh and creating abstract organic patterns of the texture and mesh.

The volume shape modeling tutorial, is shared by Yu Hagioita. Yu Hagioita (HAGI) is a 3d and motion designer, expert in Houdini and Cinema 4D, is based in Ichikawa City, Japan.

In those videos tutorial, we’ll learn different approaches and techniques in Houdini.

Volume Shape Modeling Tutorial

How to Volume Shape Modeling in Houdini?

0:00​ Title
0:15​ Volume Shape Modeling
10:14​ End

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