Fashion in AR: the new era for digital fashion just begun

Fashion has always been a constantly evolving sector, a forerunner of both style and trend, in which the most innovative technologies have found more and more space, we had already seen how Balenciaga was the first to introduce and use the new technologies of Virtual Production in Fashion industry with its collection during the covid period, Balenciaga decided to present its clothes in an unusual way, launching the new collection through a virtual catwalk, or we had already seen how fashion was used through virtual influencers.

Fashion in AR: when fashion merges with augmented reality

Today, however, we want to talk about the latest in fashion, with the use of augmented reality (AR), which is revolutionizing the entire way of conceiving fashion. Fashion using AR technologies, both through special Apps or, as we increasingly see, the inclusion of monitors or large screens in stores, where the user can virtually select and wear clothes in real-time in AR, and see the projection of the clothes in 3D directly on his body, tracing the movement in real-time, with the possibility of purchase.

How fashion works in AR

Fashion in AR allows you to create a completely new shopping experience, where the customer can see the clothes and accessories virtually. Thanks to the use of Apps, glasses or AR viewers, or interactive screens directly in the stores, the customer can “try on” the clothes without necessarily having to wear them, and buy them, like the new Immersive Retail trend.
Furthermore, fashion in AR allows you to create customized outfits, in which the customer can choose the color, size, and model of the dress, viewing the result in real time.

Advantages of fashion in AR

Fashion in AR offers many benefits for both customers and clothing and accessory designers. For customers, the possibility of seeing the clothes virtually, in 3D means saving time and money, avoiding having to move around the shops. Furthermore, the customization of the outfits allows you to create a unique and original look, as well as have a superior and interactive experience with the garment, it makes the purchase choices of the dress unique and shareable on social networks.

Examples of platforms for Fashion AR

One of the most interesting platforms we came across is, without doubt, the ZERO10 AR fashion platform (the submission is free), a designated space for interactive collaboration for independent designer, which connects the community and anyone who is passionate about digital fashion, with the possibility of bringing their ideas to the world in AR, using an APP or via ZERO10 AR Mirro  for physical stores and business solutions.

In conclusion, fashion in AR is revolutionizing the way of conceiving fashion, offering new opportunities both for customers and for clothing and accessory manufacturers, the new professional figures that are developing such as the 3d artists who have specialized in the modeling and creation of fashion garments for the world of the metaverse and virtual fashion.

Surely fashion in AR represents the future of the shopping experience, and we will certainly see some good ones.

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