Facial scan to MetaHuman with RealityCapture

In this tutorial, we are going to see RealityCapture in action to create facial scans to be used in MetaHuman with the Mesh tool. RealityCapture is a great photogrammetry tool for Windows that allows you to create ultra-realistic 3D models from a series of images and/or laser scans.

RealityCapture is Epic Games’ cutting-edge photogrammetry software solution that is changing the industry. Great to use for making VR scenes, textured 3D meshes, orthographic projections, georeferenced maps, and much more from images and/or laser scans in a fully automatic way.

With RealityCapture and UnrealEngine, you can create a highly detailed and customized MetaHuman face using the Mesh tool.

  • 0:20 process of scanning
  • 05:05 processing in RealityCapture
  • 10:55 importing to Unreal Engine 5
  • 14:15 creating your avatar with MetaHuman plugin

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