FaceBuilder Creating 3D Characters from Photos

At 3DArt, we have been closely following the development of KeenTools‘ tool since its inception, and it continues to be one of the most fascinating tools in recent years. Starting with its initial release for Nuke and subsequently for the Blender version, it has consistently piqued our interest.

KeenTools, in collaboration with the Reallusion team, has developed a new and swift workflow for creating full-body 3D characters, including clothing, hair, animation equipment, and more, complete with unique facial features (such as freckles, scars, etc.) based on real-life photos of individuals.

The continuous evolution of 3D modeling and character creation takes a significant leap forward through the collaboration of KeenTools and Reallusion. With the seamless integration of FaceBuilder for Blender, Character Creator 4, and Headshot 2, you can now effortlessly create highly realistic 3D characters with unprecedented ease and speed.

Thanks to this powerful trio of tools, you can rapidly generate ready-to-use 3D characters with remarkable precision. However, what sets this integration apart is its ability to infuse life into your models, endowing them with a striking resemblance to real individuals.

The result of the collaboration between KeenTools and Reallusion is a seamless integration of three software tools: FaceBuilder for Blender, Character Creator 4, and Headshot 2.

The integration with Character Creator 4 smoothly transfers your meticulously designed 3D head to the character creation platform. The best part? No more manual mesh adjustments or laborious fine-tuning are required. A single click is all it takes to open the door to a world of possibilities.

Character Creator 4 offers a comprehensive suite of tools to complete your 3D character, from outfitting them with stylish clothing to giving them the perfect hairstyle. Your character now stands as a true-to-life representation, ready to embark on any creative journey.

Thanks to this collaboration, a fully structured digital copy of the head created in FaceBuilder can now be easily opened for export in Character Creator 4 with just one click, eliminating the need for manual mesh wrapping. In the end, users get their unique characters with a high level of resemblance, ready for export to external 3D software or game engines!

  • To learn more, take a look at the dedicated page for the integration of FaceBuilder x Character Creator 4: HERE.

FaceBuilder for Blender is an incredible tool that allows you to create a digital copy of the head based on the photos you’ve taken. With just a few clicks, you can accurately reproduce the unique facial features, from subtle freckles to distinctive scars, ensuring that your character reflects the essence of a real person.

But the story doesn’t end here. The final piece of this remarkable integration is Headshot 2. This tool fine-tunes your character’s facial details even further, ensuring a level of realism that’s truly breathtaking. Subtle nuances like expressions, wrinkles, and skin textures are perfected, making your 3D character an embodiment of authenticity.

Once your character is complete, it’s ready for export to external 3D software or game engines. The possibilities are endless, whether you’re embarking on an animation project, diving into the world of virtual reality, or creating characters for your next video game masterpiece.

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