KeenTools FaceTracker for Nuke Tutorial

Hey Everyone check this tutorial Series about Keen Tools. In this tutorial we will see how to start to work with KeenTools FaceBuilder node and how to create a face in 3D in Nuke.

How to change a face in the video?

FaceTracker is a plugin node for Foundry Nuke created for facial tracking without mocap rigs and markers.
The tracking information can be later used for retouching, adding scars, relighting, face replacement, aging and de-aging, etc.

KeenTools FaceTracker for Nuke Tutorial

Face retouching on the video now!

FaceTracker is similar to GeoTracker but in addition to model’s position it also tracks facial gestures.
The tracking algorithms are stable contrary to neural networks solutions, precise, allow full manual control and don’t require any kind of on-stage preparation like facial motion capture rigs.

Download KeenTools package for Nuke

— The package: all plugins are bundled into a single package. Inside the bundle you’ll find an installer and files for manual installation.
— 15 days trial: GeoTracker, FaceBuilder and FaceTracker will work with no restrictions for two weeks without a license, so you have plenty of time to try them before purchasing a license. All other nodes are completely free.


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