Create Akira Anime Shading with Redshift Toon Shader

How to recreate the look and atmosphere of anime produced between the late ’80s and early ’90s?

Guys, don’t miss out on this incredible tutorial released by You And Me Academy! For all anime and Akira enthusiasts like me, this tutorial is a bomb! Let’s recreate the iconic shading style from the Akira movie. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to replicate the fascinating process of the toon shader in Redshift, using Cinema 4D along with the powerful YMA Toon Shader to bring the spirit of Akira to life.

Akira Anime Shading in 3D: A Step-by-Step Guide with C4D/Redshift + YMA Toon Shader

YMA Toon Shader Tutorial:

Unlock the simplicity of the YMA Toon Shader technique with step-by-step guidance. Learn essential tricks, such as turning off Global Illumination (GI) for a faster render and setting the view to untone mode for vibrant colors that pop, akin to the anime’s vivid palette.

In the video we will see how to recreate the materials in the toon shader style of Akira’s legendary motorcycle, exploring the fantastic look of the anime scene.
Using the YMA Toon Shader we are going to map seats, tires, lights, and more. You’ll discover how changing just one color can transform the entire scene super easily!

Finally, we are going to create the glass materials and stickers in Photoshop. And let’s refine the character animation, including adjusting the thickness of the anime-style lines, and exploring the nuances to create a visually striking yet harmonious environment.

Take in mind that 40% of the work is done during post-production, adding all the elements, layer passes, dust, reflections, and grain to the scene. All layer passes and elements are brought into After Effects to create the final look of the scene, recreating reflections, lights, and final effects in post-production to achieve the characteristic look of Akira’s anime.”

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