Character Animation for Video Games

Hi Animators, the Video Games entertainment industry is growing very fast, and now it’s the perfect time to improve your skills. Let’s start this incredible course about the second volume of Dwarf character, now we’ll learn how to animate a Character for Video Games!

How to create the character animation
from Maya to Unreal Engine?

In this course, we cover rigging, animating, from Maya to the advanced real-time 3D video games platform Unreal Engine.

The course is created by YIIHUU an amazing platform in which you can find very interesting tutorials and learning resources top level!

Character rigging animation
from Maya to Unreal Engine!

  • Timing: 11h58m
  • Software: Maya2017 and above, Unreal Engine 4,
    ARTv1 plugin, tweenMachine plugin
  • Contents: HD videos
    Maya Project files + Unreal engine projects files
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Game Character Pipeline from rigging, and importing them inside the game engine

This is the second volume of Dwarf character.
In this course, you’ll learn to make complex and engine friendly rigs, animate for a game then import and integrate these animations and the rigged character inside the Unreal Engine.

By using ARTv1 the process of rigging becomes faster and easier. Also, ARTv1 has a very robust controller picker and some useful tools that make animating more convenient.

Reach the next level inside Engine!

Unreal Engine is the fastest-growing skill requirement in real-time and 3D graphics. Learn the skills you need to succeed in Character Animation for Games.

About the Teacher

Xara Mahmoudi is an animator, game developer, and film-maker. He is incredibly passionate about animation, games, and story-telling in general. Xara worked for the projects, like The Dark Phantom: Dawn Of Darkness Dark Madness, Naxia.

Start Learning!

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How to create 3D sculpting Creatures?

Also if you like character design, let’s a look at this course, you will learn to use ZBrush from the concept image to the final sculpture: Creature Carving- Asian Dragon Master Course.

Creature Carving – Asian Dragon Master Course

You will learn how to use Mari and ZBrush to make basic shapes and detailed surface sculpting.
At the same time, you will also learn how to make various realistic maps and how to use Maya to render these maps.

Do you want to create a photorealistic render?

Let’s a look this tutorial The tutorial, you will learn how to create lifelike skin texture and the high-quality rendering technique for 3D role models.

“Liu yifei likeness as Mulan” for Photorealistic rendering

In this course, you will acquire the exquisite modeling techniques and the whole process of look development for film roles.

This is a middle-to-high-level tutorial designed for advanced learners of mapping and rendering, with little instruction on the modeling part, and thus requires the learners to have a good foundation in Maya.


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