Here at 3DArt we see opportunities even in a very difficult situation. This is the reason why we want to keep our community of artists updated and busy with new interesting resources and materials we find on the web.

So, why don’t you use all this time at home to continue professional development and get lost in the huge amount of tutorials and resources on the web?

Today we decided to talk about YIIHUU an amazing platform in which you can find very interesting tutorials and learning resources that you can use to extend your 2D and 3D knowledge.

If you are looking for a good tutorial for CG, VFX, Game Art, Animation and Film Production YIIHUU is a perfect learning platform for you.

In the specific, this course got our attention: “The Dwarf Warrior 3D Character Creation For Game” as its quality is excellent compared to the other resources you can find online.

The Dwarf Warrior: from rigging to animation and engine

The course is divided in 114 lessons, in 60 hours, the software used: Maya2017, ZBrush2018,Substance Painter 2018, Mari 3, UE4 4.21, 3D Coat 4.7.

This is a very comprehensive set of course, that will allow you to create step by step a Warrior character for production.

In the course, you will create a 3D Warrior character for production step by step, from base mesh to highpoly scuplting. You will learn how to start and plan a project and how to do Hair modeling techniques for games.


Also, you will be able to assign a realistic material for the character in Unreal Engine 4, as well as a lot of tips and tricks for low-poly/high-poly modeling, texturing for a character.

What can you learn from this tutorial?

Master the technique of building high poly model in game character production.

Create realistic costumes through texturing and mapping.

Realistic hair creation: Hair modeling and real time rendering in UE4.Thoroughly grasp 3D game character production work flow

What can I benefit the most from the tutorial? A 3D character creation pipeline as well as the hair creation workflow. On top of that, you’ll learn tips and techniques from an artist with 10 years of experience.

From an artist with 10 years of experience!

About the artist

Hooman Raad is a 3D character artist. “It all began when I watched Shrek animation in 2009”. He is a self-taught artist and he has experience in many fields in CG. 6 years ago he decided to focus on 3D character/creature creation and always fascinated by seeing this stuff. He has worked on a few international projects.

Pricing and availability

The Dwarf Warrior: 3D Character Creation For Game is available online to YIIHUU.
Cost $69  ($119.00)

Special event during May 1st Labor Day (5.1-5.5)!


In order to celebrate May 1st Labor Day,
YIIHUU launched a special event during May 1st Labor Day (5.1-5.5)!

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How to learn Blender?

Also if you need learn Blender, check this amazing course, “CAIN & AVEN : Creating a Character in Blender and Photoshop“.

Creating a Character in Blender and Photoshop

In the course, you will create an advanced 3D Character model in Blender, starting from the concept, to the sculpting and 3D model in Blender, creating the texture and shades, until the final lighting and rendering in Blender. Also in the course you will learn how to work in Photoshop in order to create the final look.




How to learn Unreal Engine High-Quality Scene Design Workflow?

If you are looking for a course to learn the Unreal Engine, check this amazing course:Magical Classroom Scene Creating for Games, Reveal Unreal Engine High-Quality Scene Design Workflow“.
Unreal Engine High-Quality Scene Design Workflow

UE4 occupies a certain position in the fields of architecture, scene, product, and game design. It is able to complete high-quality and realistic rendering effects. With the improvement of technology and the upgrading of hardware, ultimately, we will all pursue the same goal -higher-quality pictures.

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