Cascadeur 2022.1 Feature Highlights

Big news for 3d artists, Nekki has released Cascadeur 2022.1, the latest version of their amazing physics-based animation software for character animation.

With this release, Nekkis physics-based animation software gets three major new features: a node editor, Python scripting, and fully customizable Viewport controls.

Many Cascadeur features, improvements and an expanded range of functions: the reworked AutoPosing tool shows a huge performance increase in the new version. AutoPosing now also uses a brand new IK-based system, which produces visibly better results than previous versions. In addition, support between machines for controllers and a new direction controller has been added to set the character’s line of sight.

Cascadeur 2022.1EA introduces an alpha version of the long-awaited Constraints Feature, which has the potential to greatly streamline the animation process of complex movements, especially those involving things like tools or weapons.

The Physics Engine has also undergone some significant improvements: there is now an option to reduce the character rotation speed and an improved secondary movement tool, which offers new customization options and generally produces more natural results. The animation loops now move together with the corresponding parts of the timeline on the track. And with Stretching mode, you can adjust the length of an animation loop without having to recreate it.

Eventually, most of the compatibility issues reported in Cascadeur’s FBX support have been resolved, and the FBX import of DAZ Studio characters is now fully supported.

Node editor

The Node Editor is a versatile tool that allows animators to access the internal structure of character rigs and customize them completely. With access to these scripts, advanced users will be able to change almost every aspect of a character. An illustrative example of the practical use of the Node Editor can be seen in teaser 2022.1EA between 01m: 35s and 01m: 45s – the weapon shown there was dynamically linked to the character’s hand simply using the node editor and Python Scripting!

Python script

Cascadeur’s new built-in Python API allows advanced animators to write their own command scripts and automate many tasks. So, if Cascadeur’s already built-in functionality isn’t versatile enough for your needs, you can now write simple scripts within Cascadeur or just paste complex Python scripts from external editors into the command console.

Customizable view controls

The new Input Settings window gives you an option to reassociate any action – object selection, pan, zoom, and so on – to a different key or set of keys. You can now apply the same control scheme to Cascadeur you are used to when working with other 3D software. Especially for Blender users, we have also added a preset!

For a more detailed description of the changes listed, as well as an overview of the many other updates and bug fixes, please refer to the official release notes for 2022.1EA.

Are you curious to find out for yourself how Cascadeur’s physics-based character animation can make your daily work as an animator more enjoyable and effective?

Cascadeur 2022.1EA, with all the new features and improvements mentioned above, is now available for download at In addition to the still valid 50% discount on the early access price for commercial customers, Nekki also offers a completely free “Cascadeur Basic” version for home, indie and student users.

Download Cascadeur 2022.1EA
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