ASCII digital art is a graphic design technique (defined in 1963) that uses computer calculations that use 95 characters out of a total of 128 to recreate an image or video, gradually composed of standard 7-bit ASCII characters, today this technique has evolved by adding more elements and vector characters within the sequence.

How to create ASCII art using geometry nodes in Blender 3.0?

In this tutorial by BlueFox Creation (Hari Sreedhar), we will see how to recreate this ASCII art effect, using a procedural and customizable geometry nodes system in Blender 3.0. In the tutorial, we will face all the steps in Blender’s Geometry Nodes by creating the ASCII art.

Create ASCII art using geometry nodes in BLENDER 3.0

This video demonstrates the creation of ASCII art using geometry nodes. This technique is fully procedural and customizable. Enjoy it!

Download ASCII art Blender project
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