Blender 3.0 The best new features

The world of 3d software is constantly evolving, from real-time rendering to opensource software we are constantly evolving, and Blender Foundation has released Blender 3.0, a very important update for open-source 3D software, which enriches it with many features, Blender has entered the recent years overwhelmingly among the most used 3d software, giving a hard time to paid 3d software from Autodesk and Maxon.

Blender 3.0 – The BEST NEW Features

Blender 3.0: Cycles X

The new version of the Cycle, GPU Rendering it’s incredible, GPU kernels, and scheduling have been rewritten for better performance, with rendering between 2x and 8x faster in real-world scenes.

Cycles X is a HUGE Step Forward for Blender!

Blender 3.0 – Every New Feature in 6 minutes

With Blender 3.0 ready for download, it puts an end to more than two decades of Blender 2.x updates, adding important new features across the board, from Cycles X to the new Asset Browser and Pose Library.

In the new version of Blender 3.0 we find the new version of Cycles X, the render engine has been improved and pushed to the maximum, reducing, even more, the rendering times of production Cycles, now this render engine that exploits the power of the GPU, is blazing fast and the results are incredible.

Blender 3.0 – Features Reel Showcase

The update also extends Blender’s geometric node system with support for fields and text nodes, and adds a new USD importer for visual effects workflows, along with many smaller features.

How to use Asset Browser in Blender?

Blender assets are very simple to use in your 3d scenes, you can access the Asset Browser in Blender, select the assets you want and simply drag and drop in the 3D view and, in some cases, in other editors.

Blender 3.0 – Asset Browser

The 3d objects will be snapped to the surface by dragging and dropping them into the Blender scene grid. The materials will be applied to the material slot with a simple drag and drop.

Download Blender 3.0

System requirements
Blender 3.0 is available for Windows 8.1+, macOS 10.13+, and Linux. a free download.

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