Condividiamo questo incredibile lavoro di Julien Leterrier : 3D / VFX artist, che ha ricreato la scena del droide ispirato al teaser di Star Wars VII uscito di recente.

SW7-Droid – Making of

Droid modeling / rigging / texturing / animation / lighting & rendering / compositing & film emulation
4 days to do it


Process :
Modeling ….. 3dsmax
Textures ….. Photoshop & Mudbox
Setup, animation, layout, lighting, rendering ….. 3dsmax (Mental Ray)
Render Elements (render time : 11h) : Beauty , AO, ZDepht & velocity
Compositing ….. After Effects (ZDepht for DOF & atmospheric fog).

Some CG elements of the environnement come from SciFi3D (scifi3d.com/) (Xwing, big engine & antennas)
Use of Auto Wheel 3dsmax script by (kinematiclab.com/#!autowheel/c8vz)
Contains parts of Star Wars soundtrack (by John Williams)


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